Sofrito Y Coquito

Hola, mi gente! Bienvenido a nuestro blog, Sofrito Y Coquito. Our company was created to help those who are unable to easily acquire their favorite foods and ingredients from the Caribbean (primarily Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic). We provide high quality, reasonably-priced items and best of all: they're delivered right to your door! 

The concept developed naturally, from a place of passion. Cooking and sharing the culture of these beautiful islands has always been something I enjoyed. I've always been the assumed cook in the family, no matter the ocassion! Seeing others unable to cook using staple ingredients, such as recao and aji dulce, due to where they're residing made me realize the need for a service like ours. 

This blog, like the creation of our company's concept and mission, will be simple, natural, and organic. Our goal is to teach others tips and tricks they might not know and share our favorite foods and products with you and your family. 

Here we will share tips, tricks and of course recipes!