About us

Do you often have time constraints to go grocery shopping?  Do you have a difficult time finding your favorite Puerto Rican/Dominican foods and ingredients nearby?  Think no further.  Sofrito Y Coquito’s got you covered!
Welcome to our store!  We are a privately held family-owned company dedicated to providing a diverse selection of Caribbean products, consistent quality and superior service.  We are an online grocery mart dedicated to selling a wide range of products such as DIY kits (with step by step instruction), quality herbs & spices, local coffees, quality ingredients, meats, sweets and seasonal items.  We source specialty items from local farmers to provide the best quality products for the diaspora Caribbean community, as well as anyone interested in Puerto Rican & Dominican Cuisine.
We aspire to lessen your difficulties with regard to necessities.  We are committed to helping all our customers save time.  We are committed to bring you authentic products so you can experience all your nostalgia from back home and share it with your families, friends and communities. 
Browse to shop your favorites!  Place your order from the comfort of your home or office.  We are just one click away.