Puerto Rican Pasteles Kit - Create Authentic Delights at Home!
Puerto Rican Pasteles Kit - Create Authentic Delights at Home!

Puerto Rican Pasteles Kit - Create Authentic Delights at Home!

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Unlock the flavors of Puerto Rico in the comfort of your kitchen with our Pasteles Kit. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to craft 5-6 dozen mouthwatering Puerto Rican pasteles en hoja. Indulge in the rich culinary heritage of Puerto Rico with the finest ingredients and a step-by-step recipe that makes the process a breeze.

  • Masa Magic: Our kit features high-quality masa that forms the perfect base for your pasteles, ensuring an authentic texture and taste.

  • Savory Meat Sauce:  Elevate your pasteles with a selection of premium ingreidents and spices, so your meat is expertly seasoned to perfection. From succulent pork to flavorful chicken, each bite is a taste of tradition. MEAT NOT INCLUDED.

  • Flavorful Fillings: Diversify your pasteles with an array of delicious fillings, carefully curated to complement the rich meaty core. Options include a tantalizing mix of olives, chickpeas, roasted red peppers, and more.

  • Signature Seasonings: Immerse your pasteles in a symphony of flavors with our specially crafted seasonings. Experience the authentic taste of Puerto Rican cuisine with every bite.

  • Platano Leaves & Pasteles Paper: Wrap your creations in the traditional style using our fresh platano leaves and pasteles paper. Enhance the aroma and authenticity of your pasteles.

  • String for Securing: Seal the deal with the included string, ensuring your pasteles maintain their shape during the cooking process.

  • Foolproof Recipe: Fear not, as our kit comes complete with a step-by-step recipe. Even if you're new to the art of pasteles, you'll be creating culinary masterpieces in no time.

Bring the essence of Puerto Rican kitchens to your own home and savor the delight of freshly made pasteles with our all-inclusive Pasteles Kit. Unleash your inner chef and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable experience!